Handbook of accounting and public governance

Giuseppe Grossi, Jarmo Vakkuri

Forskningsoutput: Bok/rapportAntologiPeer review


Expertly navigating the complex relationships between accounting and the development of hybridized public governance, this erudite Handbook critically analyses the most pressing challenges and limitations currently facing accounting and public governance research. Comprehensively drawing intricate links between accounting, public governance and hybridization, it conceptualizes the role of accounting by looking at the current and prospective needs of hybridized public governance. Interdisciplinary in scope, this Handbook brings together contributions from an array of eminent scholars who explore key themes of accounting including performance measurement, accountability, budgeting and reporting. Different forms of public governance are examined and chapters uniquely scrutinize various aspects of accounting in different public governance settings, simultaneously engaging a perspective of hybridization. The Handbook also identifies a number of suggestions for future scholarly research thereby making a progressive and innovative contribution to this field of study. This indispensable Handbook will prove essential to scholars, researchers and students across the fields of accounting, public management, public finance, regulation and governance, public administration, and public policy. Practitioners within these fields will also find this to be an essential read.

FörlagEdward Elgar Publishing Ltd.
Antal sidor350
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781800888456
ISBN (tryckt)9781800888449
StatusPublicerad - 2024-feb.-20

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