Healthy ageing: what could we learn from cohort studies

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Introduction: A growing population of older adults worldwide is a challenge for society. Malnutrition is a prevalent problem related to disease and disability in ageing. We have previously shown a time trend in dietary intake in 70-yr old cohorts (1971, 1918, 1991 and 2000) towards better quality in later born cohorts. In-depth knowledge of how the relationship between nutrition and physical function could prolong healthy aging and prevent disability and disease is needed.

Objective: study and compare the relation between dietary intake, physical performance (PP) and body composition (BC) at age 70 in one birth cohort born 1944 and at age 85 in one born 1930.

Methods: same in both cohorts. Dietary intake was estimated by a diet history, PP by gait speed and hand grip strength and BC by DXA.

Results: 43 % were obese in both cohorts. Several significant differences between cohorts were shown. Low muscle mass was 18 and 68 % and low handgrip strength 11 and 76 % in 70 and 85 year olds, respectively. 3% had slow self-selected walking speed in the 70 yr olds compared to 58 % in the 85 yr olds. Sarcopenia was present in 3% of the 70 yr olds compared to 55% in the 85 yr olds. Energy intake was lower in the 85 yr olds but still good compared to recommendation. In both cohorts vitamin D was the nutrient with highest proportion with low intakes. Among 70 yr olds alcohol intake has increased significantly.

Conclusion: In both cohorts dietary intake was good in relation to recommendations. However, significant differences were shown according to BC and PP. In coming analysis we will investigate predictors of healthy ageing according to dietary intake, PP and BC. Of special interest is to study physical frailty in relation to cognitive frailty.






StatusPublicerad - 2019
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KonferensEFAD Conference 2019
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