Impaired oral health in older orthopaedic in-care patients: The influence of medication and morbidity

Pia Andersson, Annika Kragh Ekstam

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Introduction: Fall-related injuries are prevalent in older patients and often lead to increased morbidity, medication, and impaired functions. We studied older trauma patients with the aim to describe their oral health in comparison to morbidity and medication.

Material and Methods: The study included 198 patients, ≥65 years, admitted with an orthopedic trauma. Oral examinations included number of natural teeth, dental implants, missing, decayed and restored teeth, root remnants, and pocket depth. Data on comorbidities and medication were assembled. Statistical analyses were carried out with logistic regression models, adjusted for age, gender, comorbidity, and polypharmacy.

Results: Overall, 198 patients participated, 71% women, mean age 81 years (±7.9), 85% resided in their own homes, 86% had hip fractures. Chronic diseases and drug use were present in 98.9%, a mean of 6.67 in Charlson comorbidity index (CCI), 40% heart diseases, 17% diabetes, and 14% dementia. Ninety-one percent were dentate (181), mean number of teeth 19.2 (±6.5), 24% had decayed teeth, 97% filled teeth, 44% <20 teeth, and 26% oral dryness. DFT (decayed, filled teeth) over mean were identified in patients with diabetes (p=0.037), COPD (p=0.048), polypharmacy (p=0.011), diuretics (p=0.007), and inhalation drugs (p=0.032). Use of ≥2 strong anticholinergic drugs were observed in patients with <20 teeth and DFT over mean (p=0.004, 0.003). Adjusted for age, gender, CCI, and polypharmacy.

Conclusion: The study showed that impaired oral health was prevalent in older trauma patients and that negative effects on oral health were significantly associated with chronic diseases and drug use. The results emphasize the importance of identifying orthogeriatric patients with oral health problems and to stress the necessity to uphold good oral care during a period when functional decline can be expected.

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TidskriftClinical Interventions in Aging
StatusPublicerad - 2021

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