Implant surfaces and design (Working Group 4)

Niklaus P. Lang, Søren Jepsen, Ingemar Abrahamsson, Tomas Albrektsson, Jürgen Becker, Tord Berglundh, Daniele Botticelli, Donald M. Brunette, Pedro Bullon, Marco Esposito, Jürgen Geis-Gerstorfer, John A. Jansen, David Nisand, Stefan Renvert, Søren Schou, Ann Wennerberg, Adrian Bösch, Caroline Sax

    Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelPeer review

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    INTRODUCTION: The remit of this working group (4) was to update existing knowledge on the effects of implant surface topography, composition and design on bone integration and re-osseointegration. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Based on five narrative reviews that were performed following a defined search strategy, clinical implications as well as suggestions for further research have been formulated. RESULTS: The results and conclusions of the review processes in the following papers together with the group consensus, clinical implications and directions for future research are presented: 1. Effects of titanium surface topography on bone integration. 2. Effects of implant surface coatings and composition on bone integration (two reviews). 3. Effects of different implant surfaces and designs on marginal bone level alterations. 4. Re-osseointegration onto previously contaminated implant surfaces.

    Sidor (från-till)228-231
    Antal sidor3
    TidskriftClinical Oral Implants Research
    Volym20 Suppl 4
    StatusPublicerad - 2009

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