In what ways can Lesson Studies, Variation Theory and Learning Studies help pre-service teachers to be better prepared for work?

Göran Brante

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    Education is a complex and difficult work. It is an immense responsibility to take care of the society’s young members and help them develop the necessary knowledge and required abilities essential for life in society. During the last centuries different theories and methods have been developed to help teachers to be prepared for the educational activity. Simultaneously we have seen that one problem for education and teachers is the gap between theory and practice, which perhaps has always been an issue. Two models to test and discuss teaching, learning and to accomplish a way to help learners are lesson and learning study. Lesson study is a method mostly used by experienced teachers to develop teaching regarding certain topics, to meet curriculum goals to help learners take initiative or develop certain learning prerequisites. Lesson studies are accomplished through research lessons in different forms, but all these build on teacher collaboration, self-critical reflection, and are in certain ways connected to demands from curriculum. Learning study, based on variation theory, is inspired from lesson study and design experiments. In learning studies researchers and teachers collaborate concerning targeted objects of learning and how to best help students to discern these. The theoretical base of variation theory guides teaching and learning, which focuses on the object of learning and how it should be varied, instead of focusing on the method or the context. Both models have shown positive results in practice. They definitely enhance teachers’, researchers’, and students’ knowledge as well as develop learning and teaching. But in what way can they enhance pre-service teachers in their knowledge about their upcoming practice? If you have tools helping you to understand or handle the somewhat difficult and complicated situation at school, your ability to do this in a more powerful way increases. This has been shown in the results of several studies of lesson and learning study, but what aspects are critical to such an increase and in what way can these models or this theory also be used in teacher education?

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