Influence of color, shape and damages on consumer preferences and perceived sensory attributes on sub-optimal apples

Anne Normann, Magnus Röding, Andrea Bolos, Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, Karin Wendin

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Sustainable food production and consumption are key elements today. About one third of food produced for human consumption is wasted. Consumers are responsible for the largest amount of food waste throughout the supply chain; part of this is indirect by e.g. discarding food products already in the store. The unwillingness to purchase and consume sub-optimal food products is thought to be an important cause of food waste; however, the reasons behind it are still insufficiently studied. Our research addresses the question of how combinations of color, shape and damage of apples influence consumer preferences and perceived sensory attributes.

Based on a cubic design of visual appearance (color (red-to-green); shape (normal-to-odd); damage (none-to-damage) with a total of eight combinations ranging from optimal to suboptimal in all three dimensions, a total of 130 participants (68% women and 32% men), participated in a laboratory study where an image for each apple type from the design was presented in a blind tasting session (peeled and sliced apples). Sensory perception was evaluated by thirteen flavor and texture attributes on a 7-point scale. Liking was evaluated on a 7-point hedonic scale.

The results showed a significant difference between the optimal apple and apples with shape and damage imperfections. Further, the optimal apple was perceived sweeter, crispier and less bitter than all other apples. The optimal apple had higher liking score, significantly different from the apples which all had a sub-optimal shape. This means that an odd shape had a negative effect on liking. A linear regression analysis showed that odd shaped apples were perceived as mainly earthy and bitter. Hence, visual sub-optimality, even presented to consumers in images, have an effect on how an apple is perceived and liked where an odd shape has larger negative impact than color and damage. 

StatusPublicerad - 2018
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