Is it possible to gain energy at work? a questionnaire study in primary health care

Lina Ejlertsson, Bodil Heijbel, Annika Brorsson, Ingemar Andersson

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelPeer review


OBJECTIVES: The area of regenerative work is still close to unexplored. The aim was to explore the possibility for employees to gain energy at work.

METHODS: Questionnaire to all employees (n = 599) from different professions in public and private primary health care centers in one health care district in Sweden. The questionnaire, which had a salutogenic perspective, included information on self-rated health, psychosocial work environment and experiences, recovery, social climate, and energy. Having an energy-building experience was defined by a positive response to two combined questions regarding energy at work. Analyses were performed with bivariate correlation and multiple logistic regression.

RESULTS: The response rate was 84%. Health and energy correlated positively (r = 0.54). In total, 44.5% of the employees reported having an energy-building experience. Predictors for having an energy-building experience were recovery [positive odds ratio (POR) = 2.78], autonomy (POR = 2.26), positive workplace characteristics (POR = 2.09), and internal work experiences (POR = 1.88).

CONCLUSIONS: The results support the hypothesis that it is possible to gain energy at work, an area that is still close to unexplored. There is a high correlation between energy and health. Employees' energy-building experiences relate to well-being at work and correlates to recovery, autonomy, positive workplace characteristics, and positive internal work experiences. This knowledge can help in improving future work environment development.

TidskriftPrimary Health Care Research and Development
StatusPublicerad - 2020

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