Is there a best woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca)? a consumer survey of preferred sensory properties and cultivation characteristics of woodland strawberries

Karin Wendin, Sarah Forsberg, Viktoria Olsson, Annika Nilsson, Paul Egan, Johan Stenberg

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Resistant varieties are important to combat agricultural pathogens and pests in strawberry and other crops. Consequently, plant breeders aim to develop crop varieties with higher resistance in order to increase sustainability. However, plant resistance may affect quality, e.g. sensory properties of the fruits, and thereby consumer acceptance. The development of new varieties may also affect consumer attitudes.

The purpose of this study was to investigate consumers’ preferences and attitudes regarding woodland strawberry.


Consumer data from a total number of 176 (78% women and 22% men, >18 years) Swedish respondents were collected via a web based survey during two weeks in September 2017. Data were processed using descriptive and analytical statistics.


The most preferred fruits have a significant flavor of woodland strawberry and are high in sweetness. Further, “naturalness” and “free from pesticides” were of importance to the respondents. Women were significantly more concerned of “naturalness”, especially the older women. The younger claimed that “organic production” was more important.

The older consumers were significantly more interested in “healthiness” than the younger, they also found it significantly more important than the younger that strawberries could resist grey mould and pest insects.

All the respondents preferred to eat strawberries fresh.


In line with earlier studies, taste and flavor are the most preferred properties for consumers. In woodland strawberry, the compound methyl anthranilate is responsible for the characteristic flavor of the fruit, together with sweetness from saccharides. However, also in accordance with earlier studies, factors such as naturalness, healthiness and organic production are of greatest importance to the consumer. Though it was also apparent that different consumer groups prioritized different factors. However, common for all respondents was a strong preference to eat strawberries fresh!

StatusPublicerad - 2018
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