Lärare av idag: om konstitutioneringen av identitet och roll

Göran Brante

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    This thesis comprises four articles and a summarizing text. The articles build on three sets of data regarding various aspects of the teaching profession.

    One objective is to illustrate and discuss what may make teaching appear to be a complex and intensive profession, as well as what conditions are necessary to make the relationship between teachers and pupils appear to be characterized by asymmetry. A second objective is to discuss which changes to working conditions could in turn lead to changes to the apparent complications in teachers’ working conditions.

    Using a systemic approach as the point of departure, different mechanisms that may contribute to the constitution of teachers’ identity and role are discussed. On the one hand the systemic analysis moves from a biological point of view, via a cultural, a psychological and a societal point of view, to explain and comprehend how groups can develop asymmetrical relationships. On the other hand, curriculum changes, as well as changes in the school system over the last twenty years and the synchronous nature of teacher work, are used in discussing the complex and intensive character of teaching.

    Abduction makes it possible to explain the complex and intensive character of the teaching profession, as well as the asymmetric relationship between teachers and pupils, using these mechanisms. It is also proposed that interplay exists between these two aspects. A third result is the proposal that many of these problems may be explained by the extensive reforms that have burdened teachers and schools since the end of the last century.

    In conclusion, changes in teachers’ attitudes towards innovation, their approach to knowledge, the relationship with the pupils, and the teachers’ mission, are suggested as possible means of modifying the situation.

    • Ottosson, Torgny, Handledare
    • Aili, Carola, Handledare
    StatusPublicerad - 2008

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