Longing for reconciliation: a challenge for women with borderline personality disorder

Anne Lise Holm, Agneta Berg, Elisabeth Severinsson

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    The aim of this study was to explore the way in which traumatic childhood experiences influenced the daily life of women with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). An explorative design comprising in-depth interviews and a qualitative content analysis was used. The findings revealed one main theme—Longing for Reconciliation—comprising two themes: (1) Living with a sense of shame and guilt and (2) Struggling to be released from a sense of being trapped. Longing for reconciliation influenced the women's daily life as well as their search for the meaning of traumatic childhood experiences. New meaning can emerge through change, forgiveness, and reconciliation, thus helping women with BPD overcome their struggle and gain the insight and strength to look into their secret knowledge. Meaning can emerge and help them to develop an empathic understanding of themselves in the context of past and present relationships.

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    TidskriftIssues in Mental Health Nursing
    StatusPublicerad - 2009

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