Maintenance of entrepreneurial activities: a gender perspective

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    The focus of this paper concerns gender composition in the governance structure of non-profit association. It is emphasised that the gender composition at the board of directors have influence on entrepreneurial activities. The board is however not only considered in its totality, including all board members, but a distinction is made between different positions that are assumed to have power to influence developmental activities. The analysis showed that the gender composition have influence on one of the two dimensions of entrepreneurial activities, indicating that a female dominance in democratic organisations can increase preferences for strategic opportunism. The analysis also showed that the power distribution within the board is an important aspect that might be in need to elucidate before one can investigate gender influences.

    FörlagDepartment of Business Studies, Kristianstad University College
    StatusPublicerad - 2005


    NamnWorking paper series
    ISSN (tryckt)1650-0636

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