Meaning in Late Life: A Scoping Review

Julie Vissers, Isto Peltomäki, Daan Duppen, Gørill Haugan, Helena Larsson, Suvi-Maria Saarelainen, Jessie Dezutter

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikel, reviewPeer review

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Throughout the years some scholars have emphasised that developmental changes might influence the experience of meaning in life (MIL), especially in the case of older adults. However, so far, it is unclear whether researchers implement this developmental perspective when conceptualising MIL in late life. This scoping review aims to get insight in the developmental focus on conceptualising MIL in late life (adults aged 70 or older). A systematic literature search was performed using 7 databases (MEDLINE, Web of Science Core Collections, CINAHL, ProQuest Psychology, OSF Preprints, The Philosopher’s Index and AnthroSource) yielding 25 articles meeting the inclusion criteria. While most included articles solely described a general conceptualisation of MIL regardless of life stage, 3 studies mentioned a MIL conceptualisation adapted to older adults. These adapted conceptualisations shed light on components potentially distinctive for MIL in older adults, such as fulfilled purpose, ability to reconcile the past, continuation and felt coherence, beside the components currently included in general contemporary MIL conceptualisations, such as the components of the tripartite view on MIL. Largely, except of these 3 studies, most studies in this review did, thus, not include a developmental perspective. However, 10 studies referred to specific developmental aspects, such as time, past and expected changes in MIL in late life without implementing these developmental aspects to their conceptualisation of MIL. Consequently, the findings of this review suggest the importance of adapting a more explicit developmental perspective when conceptualising MIL in late life.
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TidskriftJournal of Happiness Studies
StatusPublicerad - 2024-feb.-07

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