Mitosis in storage cells of the eutardigrade Richtersius coronifer

Michaela Czernekova, K. Ingemar Jönsson

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Tardigrades are often reported as eutelic animals, characterized by a constant cell number after maturity and growing by cell enlargement rather than by increased cell number. However, mitosis has been reported in some of the somatic tissues of adult eutardigrades, including the storage cells, and are therefore not strictly eutelic. Very few studies have investigated the presence of mitosis in tardigrades, and the occurrence of cell division in storage cells is particularly interesting in light of the important role that these cells may play in the physiology and immunology of tardigrades. We present data on the occurrence of mitosis in storage cells of the eutardigrade Richtersius coronifer and provide an analysis of storage cell mitosis in relation to different body characteristics. Specimens were examined for mitotic cells using in toto staining with aceto-lactic orcein, and the same animals were characterized with respect to egg development stage, number of oocytes, gut content, body size, and shape and size of the storage cells. Mitosis was present in ca. 30% of the animals. A large majority (3/4) of the animals with mitotic cells were found in specimens at moulting or directly after egg laying. Amount of gut content was associated with mitosis, with highest mitosis frequency (ca. 50%) in animals with an empty gut. These results for egg developmental stage (incl. moulting) and gut content are however not independent, since gut content generally decrease towards the end of the reproductive cycle. Other measured body characteristics did not influence the frequency of mitosis. In juveniles, mitotic cells were found in about half of the examined specimens. Our results suggest that proliferation of storage cells in R. coronifer is connected to the general life cycle dynamics, and provide a basis for more in depth analyses of the functional role and dynamics of storage cells in tardigrades.

StatusPublicerad - 2015
Evenemang13th International Symposium on Tardigrada, Modena 23-26 June 2015 -
Varaktighet: 1980-jan.-01 → …


Konferens13th International Symposium on Tardigrada, Modena 23-26 June 2015
Period80-01-01 → …

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