Mobile tracking and privacy in the coronavirus pandemic

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The worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is testing societies, companies, and citizens. Life, health, and jobs are at stake. In this critical moment, the HCI community is working together to design, test, and execute ideas, prototypes, and solutions. HCI is working to strengthen our resistance with abilities, expertise, and methods to design intuitive solutions that are accessible, understandable, and usable. The coronavirus disease has had far-reaching consequences for public health, financial markets, and everyday life. With currently over 6 million infected and 370,000 deaths, the disease has left few people unaffected by its impact. Technological developments in transportation over the years have contributed to the rapid movement of people and, in turn, to the worldwide spread of the disease. Likewise, researchers, designers, and developers around the world are racing to understand, design, and develop digital technology to trace and mitigate the spread.

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