Modern technology against falls: A description of the MoTFall project

Ulrika Olsson Möller, Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Jimmie Kristensson, Daniel Smedberg, Frida Falkvall, Eva Ekvall Hansson

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To meet future challenges from an older and physically less active population innovative solutions are needed. Modern Technology against Falls (MoTFall) aims to prevent falls, increase physical activity and improve self-rated health among older people by means of an information and communication technology based system. The project has developed technology-based solutions, focusing on person-centred care. A participatory research design was applied in the development of a mobile application, a wearable inertial movement measurement unit (IMMU), called the Snubblometer ('snubbla' is 'stumble' in Swedish) and a web-based education programme for health care professionals. The mobile application includes a fall risk index, exercises and information related to falls prevention. By linking the app to the IMMU, person-centred interventions can be developed and implemented in various health care settings and with different target populations. The IMMU has shown good validity and reliability for measuring postural sway and high sensitivity and specificity for measuring a near fall. The education programme is directed at non-graduate health care professionals in nursing homes and home care. The technical solutions have potential for use in research and in clinical practice.

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TidskriftHealth Informatics Journal
StatusPublicerad - 2021

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