Naturvetenskapernas karaktär som redskap för inkluderande undervisning i biologi

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This article presents experiences of using selected aspects of Nature of Science as guidelines for inclusive science education in biology at the upper-secondary level in the Swedish school system. First, the purpose and background of the project is described, along with a discussion on inclusive science education and the specific interpretation of Nature of Science used. Then, some concrete examples of tasks and teaching strategies used are provided. Finally, an evaluation of the project is presented, based on students’ experiences and findings from a questionnaire, and the experiences are discussed in relation to the purpose of the project. As no comparisons have been made, it is not possible to claim that this teaching is more inclusive, or better in any other regard, as compared to any other teaching. Hopefully, however, the text can provide inspiration and a basis for further development work with a similar focus.
Sidor (från-till)114-129
TidskriftNordic Studies in Science Education
StatusPublicerad - 2023-mars-30

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  • Pedagogiskt arbete (50304)


  • naturorienterande ämnen
  • inkluderande undervisning
  • naturvetenskapernas karaktär
  • naturvetenskapernas didaktik

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