Nursing staff’s experiences of how weighted blankets influence resident’s in nursing homes expressions of health

Eva Hjort Telhede, Susann Arvidsson, Staffan Karlsson

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Purpose: The most common treatment for resident’s health problems is pharmacological. Little research has been done on how an intervention with a non-pharmacological method, such as a weighted blanket, Through the nursing staff view, we can learn how weighted blankets influence resident’s health in nursing homes. The aim of this study was to explore nursing staff’s experiences of how an intervention with weighted blankets influenced resident’s expressions of health. 

Methods: The study had a descriptive qualitative design with semi-structured interviews with 20 nursing staff working in nursing homes, and an inductive content analysis was applied. 

Results: The nursing staff expressed that the weighted blanket positively influenced resident’s health in the areas of sleep, physical activity, and psychological behaviour. The weighted blanket made them fall asleep faster, sleep was uninterrupted andthey felt more rested in the morning. The nursing staff observed an increased level of activity as the resident became more energetic. The nursing staff also experienced reduced negative psychological behaviours like anxiety and worrying. 

Conclusion: This study indicated that the weighted blanket changed the health expression of resident in several crucial areas. Deep pressure treatment indicates an alternative health-improved treatment for resident in nursing homes.

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TidskriftInternational Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being
StatusPublicerad - 2022-dec.

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