Older women and men with urinary symptoms

Karin Stenzelius, Albert Westergren, Anders Mattiasson, Ingalill Rahm Hallberg

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The aim was to compare urinary symptoms and their influence on daily life among elderly (75+) women and men in a sample that previously had reported difficulties controlling urine (urine incontinence (UI)) and/or other urinary symptoms (OU). A further aim was to find underlying structures of urinary symptoms and to identify symptomsthat had an impact on seeking medical help and need of help in daily activities (dependency). In total, 771persons (352menand419women) over75 years answered a questionnaire, addressed to those (n = 1881) who in a previous population-based study had reported having symptoms of UIand/orOUusing theBristolFemaleLower UrinaryTractSymptoms(BF-LUTS) questionnaire and International Continence Society male (ICSmale) questionnaire. The groups with UI, OU, women and men reported similar symptoms of frequency, day and night, as well as influence on social life, and avoidance of places and situations due to the urinary symptoms although they differed in storage and voiding symptoms. Feeling incomplete emptying of bladder differed between the UI, OU, and mixed symptoms (MS) groups but not between genders. Of the whole sample, 43.3% had sought medical help.Factoranalysis of similarquestions inBF-LUTSandICSmalequestionnaire resulted inthe factors labeled voiding, storage, pain, frequency, and daily life. Predictors of the urinary symptoms for needing help in daily activities were frequent micturition day and night (OR 3.2) when aged was controlled for. Influence on daily life(OR2.5), storage symptoms(OR2.2), and pain symptoms(OR2.1)predicted seeking medical help. The results show that urinary symptoms are equally bothersome among men and women. There is a need to encourage elderly to seek medical help and to obtain treatment or alleviations for symptoms that give most bother and indicate dependency, such as frequent micturition day and night and difficulties to reach the toilet in time without leakage.

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TidskriftArchives of gerontology and geriatrics (Print)
StatusPublicerad - 2006
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