On the effects of caching in access aggregation networks

John Ardelius, Björn Grönvall, Lars Westberg, Åke Arvidsson

Forskningsoutput: KonferensbidragArbetsdokument (paper)Peer review


All forecasts of Internet trac point at a substantial growth over the next few years. From a network operator perspective, efficient in-network caching of data is and will be a key component in trying to cope with and profit from this increasing demand. One problem, however, is to evaluate the performance of different caching policies as the number of available data items as well as the distribution networks grows very large.

In this work, we develop an analytical model of an aggregation access network receiving a continuous flow of requests from external clients. We provide exact analytical solutions for cache hit rates, data availability and more. This enables us to provide guidelines and rules of thumb for operators and Information-Centric Network designers.

Finally, we apply our analytical results to a real VoD trace from a network operator and show that substantial bandwidth savings can be expected when using in-network caching in a realistic setting.

StatusPublicerad - 2012
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EvenemangICN 2012 -
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KonferensICN 2012
Period80-01-01 → …

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