Patients´ experiences of a period of intravitreal injection treatment for wet macular degeneration

Åsa Rönn Emsfors, Carina Elgán

    Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelPeer review



    To describe patients' experiences of intravitreal injections for wet macular degeneration.


    16 informants, aged 62–89 years (11 women and _five men) were interviewed after a treatment period of intravitreal injections (IVI). The first question was open ended: ‘Can you please describe, in as much detail as possible, your experiences of the period when you received three IVI?’. Qualitative content analysis was employed to analyse the transcribed interviews.


    The main theme demonstrated that the patients submitted themselves to and allowed the process to run its course. Four categories emerged: handing over responsibility — they placed their trust in the healthcare professionals; being given an opportunity — they appreciated that action was taken; enduring discomfort — they endured physical discomfort and mental unease; having nothing to lose — they accepted the treatment offered.


    It is necessary to strengthen patient participation during IVI treatment. The ophthalmic nurse can inform the patient about the effects of the treatment in a pedagogical manner. Patient participation can be strengthened by increased knowledge of the treatment effects.

    Sidor (från-till)4-11
    Antal sidor7
    TidskriftInternational Journal of Ophtahalmic Practice
    StatusPublicerad - 2013

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