Periodontal treatment of patients with Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome: a 3-year follow-up

Tord Lundgren, Stefan Renvert

    Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikelPeer review


    BACKGROUND/AIM: Conventional mechanical periodontal treatment of Papillon-Lefevre syndrome (PLS) has often been reported to fail. This study describes the outcome of a non-surgical periodontal therapy including antimicrobial treatment of nine patients diagnosed with PLS. The patients originate from a total of 15 children and adolescents with PLS for which clinical characteristics are presented.

    METHODS: Clinical examination including conventional periodontal measurements. Initial treatment including oral hygiene instruction, scaling and root planing and systemic amoxicillin-metronidazole therapy for 6 weeks. After that the patients were enrolled in a 3-month recall maintenance program. In addition to this mechanical supportive maintenance treatment, tetracycline was prescribed and used continuously for 1.5 years.

    RESULTS/CONCLUSION: On five patients who were showing acceptable standard of oral hygiene and also compliance with the antibiotic medication, development of periodontitis on erupting teeth was prevented and disease activity on the previously periodontally involved teeth controlled during a 3-year period. Poor results of treatment were observed for three patients, all siblings. These patients failed to comply with the medication and also failed to improve their oral hygiene.

    Sidor (från-till)933-938
    Antal sidor5
    TidskriftJournal of Clinical Periodontology
    StatusPublicerad - 2004

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