Prepared food on the trail: Exploring sustainability in outdoor recreation food choices

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Given the breadth and depth of environmental concerns such as biodiversity loss and climate change, sustainability is a topic for all sectors of contemporary society, inclusive of outdoor recreation. The guiding global framework focus for sustainability is the United Nations Agenda 2030; this framework is used to support a transition to a more sustainable society. Within outdoor recreation, sustainability can be explored and pursued from a multitude of perspectives, for example, participant behavior, outdoor recreation product production, or outdoor resource management. This paper will provide one small example of how an element of outdoor recreation, prepared backcountry food, can serve as a model for the numerous other questions that need to be addressed to pursue more sustainable outdoor recreation. The research will highlight the complexity of the details of sustainability and the opportunity for sustainable transitions. Outdoor recreation participants make extraordinary decisions as they plan and execute their participation; sustainability can be one of those critical decisions. Management implications: Research is needed to support the outdoor recreation industry, from producers of outdoor recreation products to resource managers, toward reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030 in their professional work, specifically: 1. Outdoor recreation product producers and outdoor recreation resource managers should use the SDGs as a framework to guide action on multiple levels, broad or very narrowly focused. 2. Outdoor recreation product producers and outdoor recreation managers can collaborate with other professionals, such as food scientists, to achieve Agenda 2030. 3. Producers need to provide missing sustainability information, such as sourcing ingredients or transport methods, to facilitate more comprehensive sustainability decision-making. 4. Outdoor recreation product producers and resource managers must recognize the importance of communicating sustainability factors to facilitate consumers' sustainable decision-making ability.

TidskriftJournal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
StatusAccepterad/under tryckning - 2022-nov.-29

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