Resource constrained teaching - a 'networking lab' practice

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Communication Networks is a mandatory course for undergraduate students majoring in communications and networking at
Aalto University and it attracts more than 60 students every year.
An essential part of Communication Networks is the networking
labs which have strong correlation with theoretical classes and
support the students’ deep learning and provide students with
hands-on experience. In contrast to the popularity of the course
among students, there are limited teaching resources available for
the lab classes. The most prominent constraints come from the
teacher’s workload and the networking lab resources. An educational development project is initiated to solve the problems
observed during the teaching practice. One deliverable of this
educational development project is to find short-term solutions
which optimize the use of available teaching resources to fulfill the
basic quality of teaching. Another deliverable is to find long-term
solutions which aim at a fundamental course reform in the future.
StatusPublicerad - 2012
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EvenemangPEDA Forum Days 2012 at Aalto University - Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
Varaktighet: 2012-aug.-212012-aug.-22


KonferensPEDA Forum Days 2012 at Aalto University
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