Science education, indoctrination, and the hidden curriculum

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This chapter takes as its starting point discussions about the concept of indoctrination in the philosophy of education and provides an overview of the use of the concept in relation to science education. The chapter then focuses on indoctrination through the hidden curriculum. Messages about the nature of science communicated in the classroom, which are not in line with the formal curriculum, are part of this hidden curriculum. It is suggested that widespread views about science (e.g. associating science with positivistic, scientistic, atheistic and modernistic views) could be viewed as a result of an indoctrination of students. Since these views are not necessary for science, science becomes distorted for students. Thus, indoctrination could have unfortunate consequences for students’ possibilities of identifying with science and therefore, for the possibility to achieve a desirable pluralism in science.

Titel på värdpublikationHistory, philosophy and science teaching
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StatusPublicerad - 2018

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