Smart Sewage Water Management and Data Forecast

Qinghua Wang, Viktor Westlund, Jonas Johansson, Magnus Lindgren

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There is currently an ongoing digital transformation for sewage and wastewater management. By automating data collection and enabling remote monitoring, we will not only be able to save abundant human resources but also enabling predictive maintenance which is based on big data analytics. This paper presents a smart sewage water management system which is currently under development in southern Sweden. Real-time data can be collected from over 500 sensors which have already been partially deployed. Preliminary data analysis shows that we can build statistical data models for ground water, rainfall, and sewage water flows, and use those models for data forecast and anomaly detection.


Konferens2021 Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society Workshop (SAIS), Luleå/Hybrid: Virtual, online, June 14-15, 2021
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