So I Sat Down with my mother: connectedness orientation and pupils’ independence

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    Swedish educational policy underlines the importance of independence. In this paper we use socio-cultural theory and Foucault to explain how pupils’ independency is transformed into something else in their work. Our results derive from analyses of filmed sessions and entries in the pupils’ logbooks. Our findings demonstrate that the pupils’ definitions of independence differ from those of the course plan in several aspects: i) the use of certain resources is not considered to show lack of independence, ii) doing things yourself is considered being most independent and iii) to follow instructions, even if this means violating your unique personal thought, is considered a prerequisite for passing/getting good grades and as such a necessary adaption to the school context, sooner than a sign of dependency. Consequently we argue that pupil independency should be regarded as a phenomenon chiseled out within a community of practice rather than a personal capacity.

    Titel på värdpublikationEducation and Technology for a Better World
    Undertitel på värdpublikation9th IFIP TC 3 World Conference on Computer in Education, WCCE 2009, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, July 27-31, 2009
    RedaktörerArthur Tatnall, Anthony Jones
    ISBN (tryckt)3642031145
    StatusPublicerad - 2009

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