M. Koplin, O. Vistica, Michael Johansson, I. Nedelkovski, K. Salo, H. Eirund, C. Schrank, L. Blau

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    The People's Smart Sculpture PS2 - Social Art in European Spaces is a creative research and innovation project about the cultural evolution of the European city of the future. It addresses the growing complexity of life in today's city spaces and imminent challenges to the development of the urban environment. The People's Smart Sculpture PS2 explores the possibilities of participation that will become a smart culture technique as a result of the ongoing digitalization of society. 12 partners including universities, educational institutions, museums, galleries, theatres and research institutes in 8 European countries will organize 11 connected open labs integrating new art, design thinking, science, smart technologies and user culture for the participatory re-design of urbanity. The project has a budget of 2 million Euros and is funded by the European Commission within the Creative Europe programme for 3.5 years. 11 creative experiments in participatory art and design for the city of the future: The 12 project partners implement 11 experimental sub-projects and a European study about new forms of participation. While some PS2 sub-projects shed light on the ways we perceive our city space, or create speculative city environments, others will analyse problems, identify challenges and explore interdisciplinary solutions with citizens. The variety of approaches will reflect the diversity of people, skills, urban art, social processes and urban development. Renowned artists and designers from 29 countries will participate in the sub-projects. PS2 will explore and document new strategies for involving digital media and ICT in the development of user-centred culture. Development of new forms of participation for Smart Cities: Scientists from media-labs, computer science, cultural science, art history, sociology, architecture, design and urban planning will engage with the creative processes. Digital technologies will not only play an important role in the PS2 project art activities themselves, but directly support the innovation process by offering new opportunities for empowerment and societal integration of people of all social groups. The project will connect people and foster the exchange of ideas about and for smart cities. It is the base for cutting-edge communication between science and art, creatives, artists, media designers and citizens, and between the people and their governments. At the same time it will motivate the broad dissemination of new skills, design expertise and social knowledge relevant to urban re-design. Citizen participation in urban development and re-design has a long cultural tradition in Europe. But the rising complexity out of social issues, critical and creative ideas, green development, and at the same time a high level of demands towards a post-modernistic cultural evolution evoke the need of improved cooperation between all stakeholders in town: governmental entities, creative, and social cultural activists, experts and citizens. The participation processes needed for future activities in the field of urban-social sustainability requires an enhanced approach to citizen participation and user-friendly creative articulation. It is required to access the full potential of the new capabilities of communication, networking, social media, creativity, microcomputers, and new e-skills through the design of new participation methodologies. Art and media art prototype the next step concepts and methodologies for participation. This paper describes concepts and approaches of participation and reflects on participative art within examples of 6 PS2 sub-projects.

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    StatusPublicerad - 2016
    Evenemang10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED), MAR 07-09, 2016, Valencia, SPAIN -
    Varaktighet: 1980-jan.-01 → …


    Konferens10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED), MAR 07-09, 2016, Valencia, SPAIN
    Period80-01-01 → …

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