Students’ experiences of the research-teaching nexus

Nikos Macheridis, Annika Fjelkner Pihl, Alexander Paulsson, Håkan Pihl

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Students experience the research-teaching nexus differently as they progress through their first three years of undergraduate study depending on the discipline. The question is if students, within the same discipline, experience the nexus differently depending on the profile of the institution where they study. The present study explored students’ experiences of the research-teaching nexus (RT-nexus) during their undergraduate studies at one research-intensive and one teaching-intensive university. A survey (n=340) was distributed among business students at two Swedish universities. One finding is that students from both universities reported on a progression in how they experience the nexus, and in learning outcomes. Students also rated what teachers do and what they themselves do higher, than what their peers do. The main gap between students from the two universities was that students from the research-intensive university generally perceived a stronger connection between teaching and research than did students from the teaching-intensive university. They also to a higher extent found that a close connection between research and teaching in their education would be important to them in their future work life, whereas students from the teaching-intensive university were more unsure.
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TidskriftTertiary Education and Management
StatusPublicerad - 2023-okt.-14

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  • Research teaching nexus
  • Student experience


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