Support your student’s writing development: a teacher’s guide to

Johan Landgren

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What is the core of academic writing – when you look beyond all the formalities and guidelines? How can you, as a teacher, support your students in developing these skills? And how do you create an environment where students feel motivated to write in a creative, as well as formal and correct, way. These are some of the questions that are treated in this teacher’s guide.

The teacher’s guide aims to inspire and provide you with the tools to work more strategically and proactively with students’ writing. The guide addresses how you can work with subject-oriented writing, popular science texts, constructive alignment, assessment matrices and peer response. Each chapter provides set examples and exercises you can use for inspiration when planning your teaching.

The guide is aimed at those of you who are involved, as teachers at colleges or universities, in courses where students have to produce essays or other written assignments as part of their examination. It is a complement to the Writing Guide digital platform – a learning resource where students can learn more aboutacademic writing.

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StatusPublicerad - 2019
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