Surpassing Threshold Concepts within Engineering Mechanics Interactive Computer Aided Learning (CAL) to support the learning process

Eskil Andreasson, Johan Pilthammar

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This paper is based on a scientific literature review and interviews with teachers and researchers active in the area of Engineering Mechanics in Swedish higher education. The paper aims to identify and highlight troublesome knowledge and threshold concepts within the field of Engineering Mechanics. Moreover, the ambition is to present ideas of how to overcome these identified threshold concepts. Recent scientific research acknowledges many benefits of introducing
digital and interactive tools, denominated Computer Aided Learning (CAL), at an early stage. Digital and interactive tools can help engineering students overcome threshold concepts. A selection of these digital tools is discussed in this paper. The study concludes that elearning is an efficient way to enhance and complement the learning process. It also makes teaching material available from anywhere, at any time. Hence, students can individually adjust their learning pace. The interviews with teachers contributed to a clearer view of how dig-
ital tools can be utilized and transform learning in mechanical engineering.
Master students in mechanical engineering are expected to create, operate, and understand advanced digital tools. However, on the B.Sc. level, the implementation of digital tools seems to be scarce. Instead, textbooks, exercises with pen and paper, and traditional teaching are the preferred tools for learning. Implementing digital and interactive computer tools already on a basic teaching level (B.Sc.) can assist students to understand complex theories and overcome threshold concepts.
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StatusPublicerad - 2022-okt.-05
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