Swedish early childhood educators’ views on teaching to promote connectedness to nature

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This study investigated whether early childhood (EC) educators perceive connectedness to nature (C2N) as a useful idea in their professional efforts. The relationship between early science learning and C2N was also explored. Despite research and practice using the concept of C2N in EC education (Barrable, 2019), this concept is not widely used in Sweden. The foundation for this study draws on C2N research and practice (Chawla, 2020), along with a tradition of nature experience in Swedish EC settings (Gullestad 1997; Klaar & Öhman, 2014). The C2N perspective (Beery & Wolf-Watz, 2014) highlights related ideas, describing affective, cognitive, and physical relationships with nature. This project is based on C2N research providing a conceptual framework for EC C2N (Beery et al., 2020; Chawla, 2020). The project utilized a pragmatic qualitative methodology; data were collected through a questionnaire and two group discussions and analyzed previously described C2N categories (Beery et al., 2020; Chawla, 2020). The research adheres to the ethical guidelines of the Swedish Research Council in order to protect participants; all participants were informed and agreed to voluntary and anonymous participation with the right to abandon participation. Results indicate that teachers are favorable to the idea of C2N. Specific results indicate that educators perceive their role as someone exploring nature with children. There is great potential in using C2N to provide preschool educators with a useful concept to consider how nature experience supports children’s development. Further, the concept has the potential to be a valuable part of education for sustainability.
StatusPublicerad - 2022-aug.-24
EvenemangEECERA ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Cultures of play: Actors, Affordances and Arenas - Glasgow, Storbritannien
Varaktighet: 2022-aug.-232022-aug.-26
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