Teachers’ written feedback and the formation of scholarly identity: a case study

Jane Mattisson Ekstam

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    My paper focuses on two forms of teachers’ written feedback: direct,  i.e.  correction   of  errors,  including   grammar,   punctuation   and spelling;  and indirect,  which  identifies  but does  not correct  problems  – either real or potential.  I argue that the two forms, when they are com- bined,  have  an important  role to play in guiding  students  to an under- standing  of what  constitutes  a "good"  written  text  in English.  Such  an understanding  is an important  element  in the overall  goal of academic writing, which is not only to produce a text that satisfies the requirements of  the  examiner  but  also  to  create  and  promote  a  distinct  and  stable scholarly identity – an aspect of writing that is often neglected in studies of writing. Unlike much research on the subject, my article focuses on an individual student, a Chinese postgraduate of English at Kristianstad University.

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