The Design of Software Engineering Courses for Future Remote Work

Daniel Einarson, Marijana Teljega

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The pandemic has forced teaching as well as as the Software Development industry, to be performed remotely. The educational institutions are therefore facing the situation of training and steering the students in, not only complex work, but also in remote-based work and it processes. Specific challenges here relate to project work with larger groups of developers, with testing, and integration of technical components for complete solutions, but the psychosocial factors come into play as well. This paper considers the situation that has arisen as a consequence of the pandemic and regards how project-based courses should be adapted to ‘The New Normal’. In focus is a course in Software Engineering, where a large-scaled project shall be developed remotely. Representatives from IT-companies act at the course remote, and at specific occurrences. The course is observed by the teachers to see its outcome, as well as different aspects on attitudes towards future remote work. Interviews and surveysregarding attitudes of students, as well as involved company representatives are presented, where the focus is on process, productivity, work environment, interest in remote work, as well as social aspects. The main findings, based on the surveys, motivates hybrid solutions for university courses, to meet the corresponding companies’ way of future working style.
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StatusPublicerad - 2022-juni
Evenemang18th CDIO International Conference - Reykjavík University, Reykjavík, Island
Varaktighet: 2022-juni-132022-juni-15
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Konferens18th CDIO International Conference
Förkortad titelcdio2022

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