The invisible work with tobacco cessation: strategies among dental hygienists

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Objective:  This study elucidates dental hygienists’ experiences of work with tobacco cessation among patients who smoke or use snuff.

Methods:  Data were obtained and categorized by interviewing 12 dental hygienists, who worked actively with tobacco cessation interventions. Qualitative content analysis was used for analysis.

Results:  The latent content was formulated into the core category ‘the invisible oral health promotion work’. The informants thought that they had a responsibility to work with tobacco cessation. They perceived the financial system in which they perform the activity as frustrating, because tobacco cessation has no treatment code in the dental care insurance. This was one of several reasons why they had to integrate it in other treatment procedures. The results identified three categories: ‘balance in the meeting’, ‘possibilities and hindrance’ and ‘procedures’. In the narratives, both positive and negative aspects were displayed.

Conclusions:  The financial conditions for tobacco cessation interventions need to be reformed and the activity has to be given a higher priority in the organization of dental care. Practical training in performing tobacco cessation interventions is important during the dental hygiene education; otherwise, tobacco cessation interventions will remain invisible in oral health promotion in the future.

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TidskriftInternational Journal of Dental Hygiene
StatusPublicerad - 2012

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