The people´s smart sculpture PS2

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    The People’s Smart Sculpture (PS2) panel discusses future oriented approaches in smart media-art, developed, designed and exploited for artistic and public participation in the change and re-design of our living environment. The actual debate about a smart future is not taking into account any idea of media art as an instrument for to realize the social sculpture, mentioned by Beuys[1] or as social sculpture itself.

    The People’s Smart Sculpture is the only large scale Creative Europe media-art project (2014-2018) in this context. It fosters participative-art and collaborative media-art-processes. The artistic results and the open approaches of the project will be discussed by 5 panelists from 5 countries. The project itself is constituted by 12 project-partners in 8 European countries with more than 350 artists and creatives from 29 countries worlwide. The approach works on two levels: the implementation of cultural participation-projects by media-artists and the ongoing optimization of the art and participation aspects. PS2 integrates diverse groups of people to participate in the non-institutional set up of structures for the people´s re-design of their urban, societal and living environment. Artists, citizens, creatives with a new user's perception and new skills are able to „medialize“ the Cultural R>evolution of art, culture, society and science: into spaces of a new public.

    StatusPublicerad - 2016
    EvenemangISEA 2016 -
    Varaktighet: 1980-jan.-01 → …


    KonferensISEA 2016
    Period80-01-01 → …

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