The sound of potency: an observational study

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The objective of this study was to investigate the nurse ́approach to sound in an hightechnological pediatric intensive care unit. The method used derived from a theorethical perspective based on Patricia benner interpretative phenomenology.How the caregivers aknowledge the sounds in the Environment is based on their knowledge of how it affects the severly ill Children but also on the caring Culture. The result showed Three qualitative variations of approaches to sound in closeness to the critically ill Child. They are presented as follows: The room as a situation, the room as a workplace and the room as a place to rest. A central phenomenon uncovered in the observations were how the caring culture normalized the sound level to theextent that it was neglected, unless called upon as a direct reaction in combination with other signs of critical incidents. Sound was accepted at high levels close to the child's ears. Noise levels increased when a new child arrived in the room or when the round came in. A fundamental difference was uncovered when the children's room was approached as a room for recovery. Then nurses actively kept a low sound level andarranged interventions accordingly. No connections between childrens' gender, age or medical status could be found.
StatusPublicerad - 2017
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EvenemangMedicinteknikdagarna 2017 - Västerås, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2017-okt.-102017-dec.-11


KonferensMedicinteknikdagarna 2017

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