To discern a learning object teacher's development during a Learning Study in Swedish school age educare settings

Madeleine Arenhill Beckman, Charlotte Tullgren

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    This study focuses upon teacher’s development during a Learning Study among children in Swedish school age educare. The aim is to explore and describe in what way Learning Study could affect teachers approach to the learning object and thereby develop their teaching. The study is performed in school age educare settings which is an after-school activity for students in need of childcare during the afternoon. School age educare is a part of the Swedish educational system, regulated by the government, and led by school age educare teachers specially trained for teaching in this setting. A learning study among children in the age group of nine to eleven years, and what influences as learning object was carried out. Two teachers participated in the Learning Study and their conceptions of influences were documented. Data consist of audio recorded interviews and dialogues between researcher and teachers. The study is based on variation theory and the concepts of discernment, simultaneity and variation (Marton & Booth, 1997; Marton & Pang, 2006). While learning it is important for the learners to discern critical aspects of the learning object, discern different aspects simultaneously and variation and contrast in representation forms. Within variations theory learning is defined as gaining knowledge about the world and an assumption is that different people experience things in different ways (Marton & Booth, 1997). That means that an aspect could be critical for one individual but not for another who has already experienced this aspect. A critical aspect is thus critical just as long it is not discerned by the learner. Once the learner has understood the aspect it is no longer critical and a new critical aspect could occur. The result shows that the teachers’ participation in a learning study enabled them to discern the learning object in a different and more complex way. Some critical aspects were illuminated and teachers’ awareness increased and changed to a different way of discerning the terms. The result also shows a new awareness among the teachers when describing their work to their children.

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