Towards Blockchain-Enabled Security Technique for Industrial Internet of Things Based Decentralized Applications

Ali Hassan Sodhro, Sandeep Pirbhulal, Muhammad Muzammal, Luo Zongwei

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As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of the emerging trends and paradigm shifts to revolutionize the traditional industries with the fourth wave of evolution or transform it into Industry 4.0. This all is merely possible with the sensor-enabled technologies, e.g., wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in various landscapes, where security provisioning is one of the significant challenges for miniaturized power hungry networks. Due to the increasing demand for the commercial Internet of things (IoT) devices, smart devices are also extensively adopted in industrial applications. If these devices are compromising the date/information, then there will be a considerable loss and critical issues, unlike information compromising level by the commercial IoT devices. So emerging industrial processes and smart IoT based methods in medical industries with state-of-the-art blockchain security techniques have motivated the role of secure industrial IoT. Also, frequent changes in android technology have increased the security of the blockchain-based IIoT system management. It is very vital to develop a novel blockchain-enabled cyber-security framework and algorithm for industrial IoT by adopting random initial and master key generation mechanisms over long-range low-power wireless networks for fast encrypted data processing and transmission. So, this paper has three remarkable contributions. First, a blockchain-driven secure, efficient, reliable, and sustainable algorithm is proposed. It can be said that the proposed solution manages keys randomly by introducing the chain of blocks with less power drain, a small number of cores, will slightly more communication and computation bits. Second, an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) based intelligent decision-making approach for the secure, concurrent, interoperable, sustainable, and reliable blockchain-driven IIoT system. AHP based solution helps the industry experts to select the more relevant and critical parameters such as (reliability in-line with a packet loss ratio), (convergence in mapping with delay), and (interoperability in association with throughput) for improving the yield of the product in the industry. Third, sustainable technology-oriented services are supporting to propose the novel cloud-enabled framework for the IIoT platform for regular monitoring of the products in the industry. Moreover, experimental results reveal that proposed approach is a potential candidate for the blockchain-driven IIoT system in terms of reliability, convergence, and interoperability with a strong foundation to predict the techniques and tools for the regulation of the adaptive system from Industry 4.0 aspect.

Sidor (från-till)615-628
Antal sidor14
TidskriftJournal of Grid Computing
StatusPublicerad - 2020-dec.
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