Universal Design for Learning: svensk översättning textversion

Helena Andersson, Linda Plantin Ewe, Daniel Östlund, Pia Häggblom, Johanna Lüddeckens

Forskningsoutput: Övriga bidrag


The evolution of CAST’s UDL Guidelines has been a dynamic, collaborative, and developmental process. We shared the first version of the Guidelines—Version 1.0—in 2008. Since that time, we have collected and specifically solicited feedback from the field. This feedback, along with the expanding research in the areas of UDL, education, cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience, has led us to develop different representations of the Guidelines over time. Each of these representations has a particular goal and traces our learning not only as an organization but as a field more broadly.

Version 2.2 (2018)

This latest version—Version 2.2—does not represent the “correct” version. Instead, we see this version as yet another representation to more fully explore and articulate the promise of UDL. We have made several structural changes to the graphic organizer to better support educators and other stakeholders who are new to UDL and to more clearly articulate the goal of UDL. About the Graphic Organizer describes these structural changes in more detail, while our FAQ may help answer questions you have about the UDL Guidelines and their relationship to the UDL framework.

StatusPublicerad - 2020

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