Är verkligheten indelad i ämnen? - en undersökning av elevers upplevelser av ämnesövergripande arbetssätt i tematisk form

  • Sara Ahlberg
  • Jennie Stenebo

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Our purpose with this essay was to explore students’ experiences of interdisciplinary working method in thematic form. With a starting point from Lpf-94, the curriculum for the upper secondary school and several theories of learning, we wanted to explore if interdisciplinary working method in practice could create an environment for a meaningful learning situation. The study took place in an upper secondary school class, study preparatory, third grade, who works interdisciplinary in thematic form. Our study was qualitative and we used an open structural questionnaire where the students confidentially were able to describe the working method, explain which subjects that participate in the work, and bring forward good respectively bad factors about the method. In the analysis we found many indicators among the answers, such as own responsibility, deeper learning, motivation, commitment and learning for the future, that the theories mean lead to a meaningful learning situation. From this we draw the prudent conclusion that an interdisciplinary working method in thematic form, can create an environment for learning and a meaningful learning situation.


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