Ökad fysisk aktivitet med hjälp av FaR-en enkätstudie om verksamheten vid ett fysiotek

  • Louise Johansson
  • Sara Nilsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The physical inactivity and other diseases related to ways of living in Sweden, affects a big part of Swedes, simultaneously as the society is more defined and marked by health promoting and by views that affects many people to actively make a difference in their lives. Physical activity on prescription is such an example of health promoting, which enlarges the conditions for a healthy life. Physical activity on prescription is also about that the individual should take the decision by herself to increase her physical activity or to get motivated to start a healthy life style alternative reduce the risk of getting sicker. The purpose of our study was to illustrate what the participants of “fysioteket” thought about the work of fysioteket and if the physical activity on prescription has affected their motivation towards physical activity and their experienced health. The method we chose to accomplish the investigation was a cross-sectional survey, an inquiry delivered by mail, to all of the customers at “fysioteket”, totally 90 people from which 63 participated in our study. From a general point of view, our results are to advantage for “fysioteket” because a majority of the prescription-receivers thought that they got enough with information, motivation and guiding to manage the change in life style, which it means to increase the physical activity or to become physical active. The advantage is also that a majority (about 67 %) of the prescription-receivers´ health has become better after the receiving of such a prescription, which is reflected by the results that their physical activity also has increased since the prescription. The negatively aspects of the respondents´ answers are that the communication didn’t function as good as expected and should be better to avoid future misunderstandings about the role and work tasks of “fysioteket”. We consider that the activity of “fysioteket”, after accomplishing the study, is a part of the positively development towards a more health promoting social structure, where physical activity hopefully will be more implemented in people’s attitudes and life style.


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