"Arbeta som god man" - "Work as an administrator"

  • Lotta Carlsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    This study illustrates the task of the administrator where the main focus lies on getting understanding for the administrator’s work, showing how this is performed. The method I have used in the performance of the research is the qualitative method. This study was carried through by means of interviews. Theoretical starting points are exchange theories, friendship theories and part theories. I found that the administrator was pride over their work. Common for the administrator was they want to help other people. Administrator could appoint to as well of age as underage person, that was many vary cause to that administrator ship arrange. By giving information, knowledge, advice and tip to the courts could the administrator try to affect the courts to do the right decision. The most important target is that the courts get access to his/her wish and his/her legal rights. Work as an administrator is voluntary and constructs on consent.


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