Arbetshälsa en helhet - En kvalitativ studie om delaktighet

  • Lina Eriksson
  • Alexandra Regnell

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background/Literature: Workplace environment has a significant influence on the livelihood of many in today’s world. In Sweden one million employees feel the effects of ill-health due to a dissatisfactory workplace environment. Consequently there has been a recent focus on the promotion of health in the workplace with an emphasis on physical activities. However scientific research has shown that psychological and social aspects need to be addressed in addition to the physical aspects. A new perspective within the health sector is emerging; Salutogenics, whereby the determinants that promote health are observed (health factors) rather than determinates of ill-health. One theme in Salutogenics is participation; and its significance as a health factor. Aim: Increase comprehension of participation as a health factor. Method: Qualitative research interviews were prepared. A structured interview guide was used as a foundation for the interviews. Result: Different determinants were revealed on how participation can promote health in the workplace. Relationships and communication were the most overall meaningful health factors. Organisation, leadership and workgroups were further contributing health factors in promoting healthy workplace environments. Discussion: Occupational health is related to the employee’s opportunity to participate in shaping their workplace environment and functional relationships. The conclusion takes focus on the future development of psychological and social aspects, and their respective health factors.


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