Are immigrant pupils experiences used as a resource in school? A descreptive investigation out of a teching point of wiew

  • Sara Andersson
  • Linda Strandberg Olofsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Today many people immigrate to Sweden, many of them with another religious belonging than the Christian. According to Lpfö98 and Lpo94, the Kindergarten and the school have the task to help alla the pupils to develop an understanding for their own cultural inheritance and the the swedish culture. The task is also to make the pupils feel as a part of the common culture.

    The aim with this essay is to investigate if - and how - the teachers in two different schools are u sing the immigrant pupils experiences and knowledge about other cultures and religions than the Christian. Does the teachers use the parents of the immigrant pupils or other relatives as a resource in their teaching?

    We also wanted to investigate what the teachers are doing with the pupils of another religious belonging than the Christian, who is not allowed to join the celebration of Christian festivals in school, such as Easter, Christmas and breaking-up ceremonies in the church.

    In this essay we have used a form. This form we gave to the teachers of the two schools that we have selected for this investigation. The results of the forms made us see the differences in the ways of working with the immigrant pupils and their experiences and knowledge.


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