"Aspergers syndrom är jag" En kvalitativ studie om hur det kan vara att leva med Aspergers syndrom

  • Charlotte Abrahamsson
  • Dzenana Behlic

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Asperger´s syndrome is a state with certain difficulties in social relations, communication and perception. People with Asperger´s syndrome often have a special interest for a certain topic. The main purpose of this study was to describe how grown people with Asperger´s syndrome make sense of living with Asperger´s syndrome. The inquiry was based on semi-structured interviews with eight persons with Asperger´s syndrome. We reached those subjects trough interest organisations for people with Asperger´s syndrome. The results showed that the subjects did not experience Asperger´s syndrome as a disability, rather they mentioned it as a personality trait. Since Aspergers syndrome is not visible, the surrounding has difficulties to understand the behaviour connected to this condition. This is one of the reasons why people with Aspergers syndrome have problems on the labour market. People with Asperger´s syndrome are at risk of being stigmatised because of their deviant behaviour and the surrounding sometimes treat them condescending. The subjects thought that it is important that professional helpers act in an honest and concrete way when dealing with persons who have Asperger´s syndrome.


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