Att göra de osynliga synliga En studie om barn till psykiskt sjuka föräldrar To make the invisible ones visible A study about children with psychical disturbed parents

  • Malin Svensson
  • Linda Jönsson

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    The aim of this essay has been to deepen the knowledge of how professional social workers, therapists and almoners experience working with children who have psychical disturbed parents.

    By interviews we have examined the experiences of people who, through their work, comes in contact with children whose parents suffer from psychical disturbance. In our interviews we have concentrated on specific themes, such as working with these children, the situation these children are in, parenthood and cooperation with other actors in the field of action.

    Literature has earlier shown that children with psychical disturbed parents have been difficult to discover. This was confirmed in our study. Literature has also shown that the different actors in the social and psychiatric fields have had difficulties to cooperate around these children, something that was also confirmed.

    To sum up we found that all our respondents experienced that people have started to pay more notice to children with psychical disturbed parents, and the children are more visible today. We also found that all our respondents were hoping to develop cooperation with others in the field of action, a cooperation that would focus on children with psychical disturbed parents.


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