Att leva med trycksår - en litteraturstudie om hur patienter med trycksår upplever det dagliga livet

  • Nina Kristensen
  • Louise Rijpma

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Pressure ulcer is a complication that arises often due to a lowered general condition. Pressure ulcer arise because of long term compressive load application. That’s why it’s of utmost importance as a nurse to work in preventive ways, as the pressure ulcer lead to physical, psychological and social consequences for the patient. Purpose: The purpose was to describe the patients experiences of living with pressure ulcer. Method: The mode of procedure has been a general literature study with a systematic search in different databases. The search gave results in the form of seven scientific articles, which were analysed. Result: When analysing the articles results, four categories stood out: living with pain, living with impairments, living with anxiety and living with preconceptions. The results showed that the pressure ulcer caused a large amount of pain for the patients. What also emerged was that the health care personnel did not always pay attention to their pain and give pain relief. The pressure ulcer caused much anxiety and also led to great impairments in daily life, which could bring social isolation. Conclusion: The pressure ulcer caused a large amount of pain and suffering for the patients. In order for patients with pressure ulcer to receive adequate care the nurses need to improve how they pay attention to and relieve the patients pain, and also increase their knowledge and understanding of how the pressure ulcer affect the patients daily lives.


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