Att leva med venösa bensår- ur ett holistiskt perspektiv En litteraturstudie

  • Emma Ericsson
  • Mio Naraha
  • Carita Svensson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Venous leg ulcers are a chronic disease mostly among elderly individuals. The leg ulcers are often painful and interfere with the individual’s daily life. The aim of this literature review was to describe individuals’ experiences of living with venous leg ulcers. The nursing staffs often focus on the ulcer and its treatment. To be able to handle individuals with a chronic disease in a professional way it is important to recognise and understand the whole individual behind the disease. 13 scientific articles were found in the databases; Cinahl, Elin@kristianstad, PubMed, SveMed+. An analyse resulted in three central categories; living with pain, a restricted life, a changed self-esteem. The result showed that individuals with venous leg ulcers have different experiences. The conclusion showed the importance of recognising the individuals’ lives with leg ulcers in a holistic perspective.


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    • Medicin och hälsovetenskap (3)

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