Att slåss mot en osynlig fiende - Kvinnors upplevelser av postpartumpsykos

  • Marlen Svensson
  • Martina Olsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen



    Background:There are three diffrent postpartum problems a woman can suffer after a childbirth, postpartum blues that is the mildest one that almost everyone are suffering. Postpartum depression that is substantial and above 10-15 % are suffering, the most servere is postpartumpsychosis that 1-2 women per 1000 deliveries are suffering from. Aim: Illustrate womens experience during and after a postpartumpsychosis. Methods: This is a literary review of scientific articel and biographies, they are analysed with latent content analysis. Results: Six themes were found after the literature review; experience of; “unnatural frame of mind”, loss of controll, loneliness, feeling guilt, living with a label and fear that there will be a recurrence. Conclusions: To live trough a postpartumpsychosis is a very strong experience for women.


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