Att undervisa kring miljö och hållbar utveckling - Hur förhåller sig läroböckerna i samhällskunskap, historia och geografi till Lpf94 och de nationella kursplanerna?

  • Johan Månsson
  • Bengt Ohlsson

    Examensarbete: Magisterexamen


    Daily citizens are informed by the media about the environment and the climate changes. The schools purpose is to educate students according to events that are of current interest and take place in present time. According to Swedish curriculum, Lpf94, all Swedish education should include and discuss the problems surrounding durable development. The purpose of the study is to se how the textbooks in History, Social studies and Geography and their contents meet the demands of the curriculum. The study shows that only the textbooks in geography meets the demands that the curriculums have on durable development. Social studies, on the contrary has some weaknesses when it describes the environment and durable development but they are more sufficient than the

    history text books, which are inadequate according to the demands of the curriculum. One of the conclusion that the authors draw is that an ideal solution concerning the education

    of environment and durable development is that an integration between the three subjects

    could solve the problems that exists.


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